lauren t. nelson

x games Austin 2018

X Games Austin 2018


out with the old

For their last year in Austin, TX, the X Games wanted to show the world that 2018 would be the best year yet. While their logo and system was working quite well, it wasn't the most exciting. It didn't truly reflect how unique Austin is and advertising for the event was almost non-existent.

in with the new

To help reflect the creative side of Austin, everything was re-branded to have a screen printing vibe. The colors were altered from traditional Texas colors to help appeal to the growing audience of women attending.



The posters that would be posted around Austin are not rectangular, but instead a parallelogram shape.



There will be an array of merchandise offered online and in-person
at the X Games. This includes tickets, unisex t-shirts in multiple
designs and colors, hats, board decks, and stickers.



shredding LANES

Skateboard lanes will be painted everywhere except on roads.


Several bikes will be attached to exterior walls around Austin to promote the brand.

Rocking billBOARDS 

Billboard ads will extend beyond the board to attract attention.


X GAMES Website

The website was designed to help event goers navigate the Games.
Simplicity was kept at the forefront during the design process,
only focusing on what people would want to know right off the back.



Credit to: (logo, photos), X Games Austin - Official Bid Video, Jeff Dell for teaching me printmaking and letting me use his screen.