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slap budgeting app

slap budgeting app

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not your typical budgeting app.



Slap is an app to help teens and young adults stick to a monthly budget and save a little dough. "How does it work?", you might ask. Well, it's simple. Every time you go over your allotted budget for a certain category, you slap yourself. Well, a picture of yourself. On your phone.


is this really necessary?



who exactly?


so what does it do?

With Slap, there are rewards and consequences based on how you spend your money. Once an allotted budget has been maxed out, you'll get an alert and face said consequences.


see the app in action


How it came about

This project for Interactive III was funded by Frost Bank with the aim of designing a simple mobile app that encourages people to save money. Some research components were interviewing 5 people about their spending habits, analyzing competitive apps, creating 3 personas, and user testing with at least 5 people.



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Credit to: Frost Bank,, The Atlantic, Noun Project, Charly Owen, Sara Lange, Corey Nelson, Matthew Naizer, Aaron Nelson,, Warner Bros cartoon slap, Bensound Royalty Free music.