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Shift & its problems

Shift is a revolutionary non-profit energy initiative that converts animal waste into reliable, inexpensive energy for those who need it. By doing so they are also helping to cut back on methane emissions, one of the big contributors in global warming. They are currently working in Pakistan but plan to expand into other countries.

While the company has a great product and strong branded voice, their logo is very plain along with their identity. Their existing website is decent but lacks content. There is also no social media presence or advertisements.



In order to have a unique identity to match the current brand voice, a new logo will be created. Utilizing a bold typeface, this will give the brand a modern feel. The colors chosen will reflect nature but be scaled down a bit in vibrancy. Frames and lines will help give a sense of motion. The logo will appear to be shifting as well with off-registration.


color palette

These four colors were chosen because they reflect where the energy comes from: nature. The blue and green are vibrant and energetic while the sand and brown colors keep everything grounded. The names for
each color are words in Urdu (counterclockwise: energy, friend, waste,
and sand).



The website is a simple site with a menu that scrolls with you
through the page. 

2Asset 1.png

ad campaign

The Ad Campaign is created to raise awareness of the energy problems
in Pakistan, along with other places in the world. The goal is to get more people to donate to this cause and be more open to alternative energy. The audience is people in developed countries who care about the environment and helping those without safe energy sources.