lauren t. nelson

holly shores


holly shores

in collaboration with Jared Dorsey


holly shores & its problems

This site is a 90 acre area of public parkland along the north shore of Lady Bird Lake on the east side of I-35 in Austin Texas. It includes the newly dedicated and restored parkland at the site of the now demolished Holly Street Power Plant. The park has many popular features, including bike trails, community gardens, playgrounds, and baseball fields.

The problem with complex is mainly that it doesn’t exist yet. Apart from public baseball fields, nothing has undergone construction. The proposed name “Holly Shores/Edward Rendon Sr. Festival Beach” is also too long and dull. Existing murals from the old power plant and community gardens need to be promoted and brought into the public eye in a better way.


the solution

We create it. A new name should be decided along with a consistent brand to extend along the different sections of the parkland. Wayfinding can be implemented in an environmentally friendly way such as utilizing the back of the wall mural and remains of the power plant.


The logo combines a rendering of the letter H made to look like the old power plant’s windows encircled by a vine representing the return of nature to the new area.


color palette

The colors were selected to reflect the southwestern culture of Austin. A mix of vivid hues with more natural shades reflects the nature of the area, as well as the vibrancy of the community.


type palette


icon set

These icons were created mainly for way-finding throughout
the park complex.



Taking inspiration from vintage travel posters, these
posters are to attract Austinites to the new park complex.


tri-fold brochure





The website is a simple site that tells you what you need right off the bat.


landing page video