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Dealing with those little things that bug you in a better way.


About FAS

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is caused by exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. It causes brain damage and growth problems. Some symptoms can be physical like joint damage, slow growth, and heart defects. Others will be mental such as poor memory, trouble processing information, poor judgment, difficulty staying on task, and impulsive behaviors.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) affects people in a variety of ways, much like the spectrum of Autism. It can range from severe to undetectable. One thing that moderate to severe FAS patients have in common is having “triggers”.


Meet James

He’s 15, but mentally around 11. His mom is his primary caregiver but his teachers are a big help. James struggles with recognizing when he’s upset and what causes it. He is able to have his phone with him during school, that way he can utilize Bug whenever he gets upset.


Target Audience

Teens like James, who aren't quite their physical age mentally and can handle having a cell phone.


how it works

It starts off with the parent/caregiver going into the app and plugging
in the FAS patient’s specific triggers. The app then connects to an external
heart rate monitoring device and detects spikes in heart rate.


The parent can select the different
ways to react to the triggers.


How it helps

The goal of Bug is to help the patient recognize their own triggers and to provide them better alternatives to dealing with the situation, promoting independence and social confidence.


How it came about

There was market research, interviews, persona creation,
user testing, A/B testing, etc.



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